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Bespoke Graphics and Artwork for Live Events and Productions



Graphic Artwork

From crafting 16x6m prints that bring painted night skies to life, to faithfully reproducing real-world signage, and even designing whimsical cartoons for pantomimes, we're confident at delivering stunning graphics for any creative brief.

Marketing & Branding

We offer creative direction and high-quality marketing materials tailored for your event or production. From posters to banners, ad campaigns, and flyers, we work closely with you to meet your marketing needs.


Looking for customised merchandise for your next event? We love creating eye-catching designs for all kinds of events. Let us help you take your event to the next level with our creative services.



Riverside Studios, Hammersmith
The Lost Spells
Watford Palace Theatre
Watford Palace Theatre
Oldham Coliseum

After completing her studies at the Royal College of Art, Ria kickstarted her career as a Graphic Artist and Designer.  Ria thrives on the stimulation of new briefs, team collaborations and transforming concepts into bespoke pieces which embody energy and excitement.

Ria Barnes


Olivia - Creative Director - Front Room Productions 

"Thank you SO much for your incredible work making 'Whodunnit at the Coliseum?' look so spectacular! It's been a pleasure to work with you.

You captured everything we've spoken about brilliantly and you've brought the world of the show to life in a more spectacular and exciting way than we could have ever imagined!"

Steph Balmforth - Production Manager, Sheffield Theatres

"Ria was really accommodating with the project and produced incredible artwork in a tight timeframe.

There was great communication throughout and we couldn’t have asked for a better finished article to really bring the production to life."⁠

Hannah - Production Designer - Love n Stuff, Oldham Coliseum

"Ria created gorgeous and realistic graphics for some airport-style lightboxes in my design for 'Love n Stuff'. They were a really crucial part in my set design concept and realism was key and Ria brought them to life to make them look the part! I really enjoyed working with her on the project, she was always quick to respond and happy to accommodate any last minute changes. I look forward to working with her again."

Richmond - Head of Production, Watford Palace Theatre

“I am really impressed by the quality of work produced by Ria and am incredibly grateful, as the timescale for the project was very short.

She worked very hard to make sure the graphics could be delivered on time, which was key for the opening night of the production,

I will definitely be looking to use her skills again!”

Alice - Unsung Collective Director

"Working with Ria to create our logo was a real joy. There was so much that we wanted to get across in this single graphic, and Ria skillfully unlocked it all - working closely with us to turn a list of abstract concepts and influences into the perfect design. Ria's genuine enthusiasm, and interest in getting to know the company, really shone through. The whole process was a breeze, and we are thrilled with the result - thank you, Ria, for lending us your creativity, and for a brilliant experience from start to finish."

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